AG Candidate Sues Election Officials In Arizona: ‘See You In Court’

Abraham Hamadeh is suing election officials over malfeasance during the election, specifically in Maricopa County, where they went all in to deliver the state to the Democrats. Hamadeh lost the election for Attorney General by just 550 votes. There will be an automatic recount, but do you really trust them? Hamadeh does not. And with good cause. Both he and Kari Lake, who is also suing, is very close to winning. The vote in Maricopa County is very suspect.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) and Arizona attorney general candidate Abe Hamadeh filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against election officials in State Superior Court in Maricopa County. They are alleging errors and inaccuracies in the 2020 election. Duh, do you think? Thirty percent of the tabulators did not work on election day, mostly in conservative precincts. That was not by accident. There is no telling how many votes that cost the Republicans.

Hamadeh posted to Twitter:

“Arizonans demand answers and deserve transparency about the gross incompetence and mismanagement of the General Election by certain election officials. I will not stop fighting until ALL voters receive justice. See you in court.”

 “The lifeblood of an active and vibrant democracy is based on participation and trust in the system. My lawsuit hopes to restore confidence in our elections.”

“Pervasive errors by our election officials resulted in the disenfranchisement of countless Arizonans who had their voices silenced. Arizonans deserve to have an election system that is transparent and fair and right now we have neither. Today’s challenge is the only way to provide accountability and restore confidence in our broken election system.”

In a press release Hamadeh said:

The complaint details “details a host of errors surrounding the administration of the November 2022 General Election concerning alleged election board misconduct, the tallying of unlawful ballots, and the erroneous counting of votes.” 

From The Daily Wire

Arizona’s outgoing Attorney General Mark Brnovich on Saturday ordered Maricopa County officials to submit a report on its handling of the election, The Daily Wire highlighted.

The letter said there is evidence, including first-hand witness accounts, of “statutory violations” in the contest, which Katie Hobbs oversees as secretary of state. Hobbs, a Democrat, is the projected winner of the Arizona gubernatorial contest against Republican candidate Kari Lake.

At least two counties in the state — Cochise County and Mohave County — have confirmed that their certification of the 2022 election will be delayed until the November 28 deadline.

The two Republican supervisors in Cochise County voted Friday for the delay after some argued the county’s vote-counting machines were not properly certified. State Elections Director Kori Lorick, displeased with the vote, threatened the board that the state would sue if it did not certify on time.

In a split vote, Mohave County reportedly voted to delay as a protest against voting issues in Maricopa County.

This behavior must stop and the only way to do that is to send people to prison for any crimes they may have committed. Once that happens, people will quit taking the chance of being caught. But, as long as they get away with it, it will continue. It must be done this year or I should say within a year since we are so close to the end i this one. The first thing we must do is a revote in Arizona with heavy surveillance by poll watchers.

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