Alex Jones Claims DOJ May Seize His Daughter’s Cat

Internet, radio and TV host Alex Jones claims the Biden administration’s Department of Justice is investigating whether to seize his daughter’s cat as part of his bankruptcy proceedings.

Jones, who declared personal bankruptcy and filed for bankruptcy as Infowars during the fallout after being sued by a collection of Sandy Hook families, made the revelation in a video posted online by his wife, Erika Wulff Jones.

“This is not a joke, this is real, and it really happened,” Jones began in the video. “I’m in a bankruptcy hearing, personal and corporate for Infowars, and the Justice Department is involved and asked me to be, ordered me to be at a hearing today. They spent probably 5 minutes of the meeting, it was over three hours long, on my cat.”

The radio host, who has been on the public airwaves for a quarter century, then held up a large, Ragdoll cat.

“This is Mushu, my five year old daughter named Mushu this two years ago. They wanted to know if assets were hidden in the cat,” said Jones. “The cat was like $2,000, and it is a Ragdoll cat, we really do love it.”

“But they were very serious about the cat and its value, and they want the cat for the Sandy Hook families,” Jones added, before exclaiming, “So the deal’s broke. You guys aren’t getting the cat.”

Jones, who has been in constant media turmoil over his remarks about the Sandy Hook tragedy since his infamous Megyn Kelly interview in 2017, questioned whether the Department of Justice officials were trying to provoke him.

“What, do you want my children next? You want me to, like, sacrifice my children or something?” He continued, “This cat is really sweet, my daughter really likes the cat.”

Alex Jones / Banned.Video

Setting the cat on the table, the radio host presented, “Here he is, this is the terrorist right here, that they want, and this is the reality that we live in here in America, in 2023, in Justice Department hearings, with people laughing in the background when they say, ‘We want your cat.'”

Despite receiving judgements in the billions against him, the Texas radio pioneer has repeatedly insisted that he is not a billionaire and, thus, cannot pay the families.

“They’re mad they don’t have all these billions they claimed I did, just because they lied and the media said I had these things, it’s not real.”

He concluded, “And now, they want my cat. Ladies and gentlemen, the line in the sand is, you cannot have my cat.”

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.

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