Biden Invites Drag Queen Story Hour Performer To White House For Signing Ceremony

Joe Biden formally invited a “Drag Queen Story Hour” performer named “Marti Cummings” to the White House this week to celebrate the signing of the “Respect for Marriage Act.”

“Cummings,” a self proclaimed “non binary drag artist” and leftist LGBTQ-supporting political activist wrote in a post on Twitter on Wednesday, lauding his invitation from “The President and Dr. Biden” that permitted him to the capital to witness the ceremony in person on Tuesday.

“To be a non binary drag artist invited to the White House is something I never imagined would happen. Thank you President & Dr. Biden for inviting me to this historic bill signing. Grateful doesn’t begin to express the emotions I feel,” Cummings wrote on Monday.


It is unclear whether “Cummings” is the drag performer’s stage name. However, it is common for drag performers to adopt sexually charged stage names as part of their act.

This particular drag queen is an active participant of “Drag Queen Story Hour,” a controversial event in which men impersonating women, generally dressed in sexually provocative clothing including women’s underwear and lingerie, read to little children at local libraries as part of organized events.

Just this month, “Cummings” wrote in a tweet, “I love doing Drag Story Hour. Despite what conservatives say, this family friend event is a way to spread joy, teach acceptance & love. A way to bring people together. Kids just want to hear their favorite stories…keep spreading hate because I’m gonna keep spreading joy.”

In the tweet, unapologetic parents can be observed smiling and enjoying themselves as their young children gather around Mr. “Cummings” at a local drag queen story time event.


When not dressed in drag, Mr. “Cummings” can be seen online posting scantily clad mirror selfies for his followers.


Shortly after announcing that the President of the United States had invited him to the White House for the signing ceremony, Mr. Cummings published a tweet directed at his “right wing” critics.


“Ah yes here comes the right wing hate – welcome to my page!” Mr. “Cummings” wrote.

Congress approved the the Respect for Marriage Act, codifying both interracial and same-gender marriage on December 8.

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.

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