Biden Urges Americans Not to Use AR-15s Against Him, Use More Powerful F-15s Instead

On Monday, January 18th, President Joe Biden attended the National Action Network’s (NAN) Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast at the New York Public Library in Manhattan.

During his keynote address, the President issued an ultimatum to those who wish to challenge the federal government: “If you want to take on the United States of America, you need some F-15s for air power, not an AR-15.”

Biden’s speech marked a continuation of his stance on gun control since taking office. In 2020 he promised that gun reform would be one of his top priorities as President and has since proposed several pieces of legislation intended to achieve that goal.

This latest statement could be seen in line with those initiatives; arguing that any attempt to challenge federal authority should be met with overwhelming force against small arms.

Equally interesting is how social media reacted to Joe Biden’s speech at the MLK breakfast – specifically when it comes to his comments about F-15s vs AR-15s. Not surprisingly, many conservatives disagreed with him strongly while others saw it as just another example of how out-of-touch politicians can become when attempting to address complex social problems such as gun violence prevention.

On the other hand, liberals seemed generally supportive, believing that only powerful military technology should ever be used against American citizens by their own government in civilian settings such as protests or demonstrations against federal authority.

This is not the first time Biden has suggested using overwhelming force against the American people, should they oppose his rule.

Last August, Biden declared that “brave right-wing Americans” invested in “keeping America’s [sic] independent and safe” will “need an F-15” to “fight against the country.” Biden added, “You need something a little more than a gun.”

As the line received laughter from the crowd, Biden continued, “No, I’m not joking, think about this. Think about the rationale we use.”

This news and commentary by Analise Morrow originally appeared on Valiant News.

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