Border Patrol: 920% Increase in Chinese Entering US via Rio Grand Valley

The United States Border Patrol for the Rio Grande Valley Sector is reporting strains on their workforce stemming from a 920 percent increase in Chinese national illegal border crossings in 2023.

According to USBP Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez, the Rio Grande Valley sector is currently leading the nation in Chinese illegal immigrant encounters.

Chief Chavez tweeted on Monday that just this year, over 1,600 Chinese nationals, mostly single adults, have been apprehended at the southern border.

“RGV continues to lead the nation in Chinese migrant encounters. In FY23, there have been 1,577 apprehensions-91% being single adults. A 920% increase compared to FY22 creating a strain on our workforce due to the complexities of the language barrier & lengthens the processing,” Chief Chavez said.

Just last Thursday, Chief Chavez reported that a whopping 90 additional Chinese people were captured at the border in a single day — the most USBP RGV has encountered since 2010.

“90 additional Chinese national apprehensions on Thursday. Marking the most encountered since 2010 in a single day. This brings the FYTD total to 1,667,” she wrote.

Several videos have surfaced in recent days purportedly showing some of the Chinese nationals attempting to illegally enter the U.S. through the southern border, with many not being able to speak or understand basic English.

In one video, Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins reported that some of the Chinese people would not inform authorities how much money they gave to border smugglers.

In a separate tweet that features more video of Chinese illegal aliens, Jenkins reported that cartels are cashing in on the situation to the tune of $30,000 per illegal Chinese national.

“Chinese nationals are illegally crossing the border in unprecedented numbers in the RGV sector – up 920% comp to last year – and a cash cow for the cartels bc they pay $30k+ to be smuggled across. Here is a group of 5 we encountered yesterday,” reported Jenkins.

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