Andrew Tate Speaks Out Following Romanian Arrest, Release From Custody

Former kickboxer and popular internet commentator Andrew Tate has officially responded after being arrested in Romania as part of a human trafficking probe on Thursday.

Tate was arrested after posting a video in which a pizza box has been cited as the reason police knew he was in the country and vulnerable to arrest.

However, Tate had posted a video of himself  in the country just a few days prior with the caption “Romania,” casting doubt on the pizza box theory.

Within a few hours of news of the arrest breaking in the US, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were released from custody.


Tate officially responded to the arrest in a tweet posted Friday morning that read, “The Matrix sent their agents.”

He has not posted any further information or details about the situation.

Tate has been accused of luring women to Romania to become “models” where would then perform sexual stunts for money, the lion’s share of which Tate is said to keep. It has been claimed that Tate also confiscated passports from some of the women to keep them in the country.

Tate was mass deplatformed by many Big Tech companies earlier this year.

“99% of my content was aimed at men, it had nothing to do with women at all,” Tate said at the time. “They attacked me with that misogyny garbage, but the truth is 99% of my content was aimed at men, telling them the truth.”

“One of the great things about the masculine journey is that we have all live a semi-similar story,” Tate added. “It’s kinda cool, like we’ve all been the teenager who gets heartbroken… We’ve all kinda lived the same kind of journey.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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