Canada’s Fauci Ropes in Mrs Claus to Encourage Children to Get Vaccinated in Cringe Video

The Canadian government has released a video featuring their Chief Health Officer, and Mrs Claus, to encourage children to get vaccinated.

Dr Theresa Tam, who serves as the Canadian equivalent for Anthony Fauci, posted the video to her official Twitter account on Wednesday, where she had a “great chat with Mrs Claus about things we can do to make this a happy and healthy holiday season.”

In the form of a video call, Tam phoned into the North Pole “for Santa’s holiday health check.” The big man himself wasn’t available, according to his wife, due to being “late for snow yoga with the elves and reindeer.”

Mrs Claus, who was introduced as  “Chief Holiday Cheer Officer, the North Pole,” said it warmed her heart “to see everyone in Canada, especially kids, working so hard to keep the holidays safe and cheerful for all,” with Tam noting that compliant Canadian children have “definitely earned a place on the nice list.

Both Santa and his wife were revealed to be up to date with their vaccinations, having taken multiple boosters for the covid jab, and flu shots.

Mrs Claus confirmed that Santa has another list to check twice. “One, stay up to date on your vaccinations. Two, wear a mask in crowded indoor places, and it make sure it fits nice and snug. Three, wash your hands to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way.'”

Tam added that Canadians should “open a door or a window” to let in fresh air, “if you’re gathering indoors with other people or elves,” despite many Canadians experiencing freezing winter weather during the festive period.

Unsurprisingly, Tam and the Canadian authorities were ripped into on Twitter for the cringeworthy video content, with many of them decrying it as “propaganda” directed towards children.

In a 2010 film presented by Dr Tam and the National Film Board of Canada entitled “OUTBREAK: Anatomy of a Plague,” Tam, who at the time served as the Director General for the Canadian Centre for Emergency Prepardness and Response, described a fictional future disease outbreak and the actions that could be taken to control citizens.

“If there are people who are non-compliant, there are definitely laws and public health powers that can quarantine people in mandatory settings,” Tam argued. “It’s potential you could track people, put bracelets on their arms, have police and other set-ups to ensure quarantine is undertaken.”

“It is better to be pre-emptive and precautionary, and take the heat of people thinking you might be over-reactionary [sic], get ahead of the curve, and then think about whether you’ve overreacted later,” she concluded.

This news and commentary by Jack Hadfield originally appeared on Valiant News.

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