Canadian Reporter Has Sudden Medical Episode on Live TV

Jessica Robb, a Canadian reporter for CTV, had a medical episode live on air on Sunday evening, with the footage receiving millions of views.

Speaking to anchor Nahreman Issa, Robb, who was reporting in the field, started to slow down and then stumble upon her words, while looking into the camera. “Sorry Nathreman, I’m not feeling very well right now, and I’m about to just…” Robb said, before trailing off, and stumbling around on the spot.

After the feed from Robb was cut off, Issa confirmed that the camera crew who was with Robb would make sure that she was okay, and that viewers would be notified of her well-being later.

Shortly after the broadcast, CTV Edmonton confirmed in a tweet that their reporter was “feeling better” and “resting” following the medical episode.

However, in a tweet from April of last year, Robb said that she had been vaccinated three times against COVID-19, leading some to question whether the medical episode could be linked to the jabs.

Following the discovery of the tweet, Robb’s Twitter account was protected.

In a statement on Monday posted via CTV Edmonton, Robb gave an update on the situation, saying that what had been a “personal and vulnerable moment” for her had been shared “thousands of times, along with basless theories about the cause.”

Thanking those who had reached out with “supportive messages of well wishes and concern,” Robb claimed that she had also received “an overwhelming amount of harassment and hatred, tied to false theories about the reason for the incident.”

“While I will not share private medical information publicly, I can say that there is no cause for concern, and that my understanding of my own medical background provides a reasonable explanation for what happened,” Robb added. “I can, however, confirm that the situation was in no way related to the COVID-19 vaccine.”

This news and commentary by Jack Hadfield originally appeared on Valiant News.

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