Dem ‘Karen’ Mocked After Reporting Poll Worker’s Elephant Earrings

Ashley Aune, a Missouri State Representative, was widely mocked on Twitter for reporting a poll worker who dared to wear “elephant earrings” at the voting station.

Aune, who represents the 14th District, covering the north of Kansas City, tweeted on Tuesday morning about her experience at the polls. “The poll worker who took my ID was wearing elephant earrings, so I called my local election board,” Aune said, seemingly taking umbrage with the poll worker’s choice of jewellery due to the fact that elephants are associated with Republicans.

According to Missouri poll worker guidelines, solicitation is banned within 25 feet of the polling place, which includes “wearing campaign shirts, hats, pins,” and other items. “I need y’all to know that’s not okay and as a voter, you have every right to call it out,” Aune said.

However, simply wearing elephant earrings, with no political affiliation, would not necessarily violate those guidelines, or Missouri state law, which specifically prohibits “exit polling, surveying, sampling, electioneering, distributing election literature, posting signs or placing vehicles bearing signs with respect to any candidate or question to be voted on at an election on election day.”

Unsurprisingly, Aune was slammed as a “Karen” by many on her Twitter for reporting a poll worker for liking an animal, including fellow Missourian Chris Lonsdale, currently running for the State House in District 38.

The Missouri State Rep didn’t take too kindly to being labelled with the “Karen” moniker, demanding that one Twitter user call her “Representative Aune.”

Others joked that any poll workers wearing blue clothing, such as jeans, were in fact, secretly signalling their support for the Democrats to undecided voters.

However, Aune remained steadfast in her belief that the poll worker “knew what she was doing,” despite providing no supporting evidence, and that reporting her wasn’t a waste of time, because “it’s not about how [she feels]. It’s about breaking the law.”

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