Kari Lake: 32 Percent Of Tabulation Machines ‘Failed Statewide’ On Election Day

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate and former television news anchor Kari Lake said that a whopping 32% of all tabulation machines across the entire state of Arizona “failed” on Election Day.

In a tweet posted on Friday, Lake lamented a judge appointed by former President Barack Obama for sanctioning her legal team after they filed a lawsuit in June forecasting problematic tabulation machines ahead of the election.

“In June, I sued over the use of tabulators in my election. I alleged these machines were prone to failure This suit was dismissed for standing,” Lake wrote.

“On election day, 32% of the machines failed statewide Yesterday, an Obama-judge sanctioned my lawyers for bringing the suit at all,” she added.

In addition to the statewide election issues, separate reporting found that nearly half of all printing and tabulation machines in the states most heavily populated county of Maricopa experienced “issues” on Election Day, resulting in long lines and extended waiting hours.

Election integrity advocates have pointed out that these discrepancies caused Republican voters, who overwhelmingly vote on Election Day, to be disenfranchised.

Maricopa’s election malfeasance prompted other countries, such as Mohave, to withhold the certification of the election results.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who also happened to be Lake’s Democrat opponent in the race, has been using her office to threaten severe criminal referrals and legal action against counties that do not certify her as the winner, Real Freedom Talk reported earlier this week.

Two members of the Mohave County board stated that they feel as if they are voting to certify the election results “under duress” after Hobbs’ office threatened that they would “be arrested and charged with a felony” if they didn’t adhere to her demands, board chairman Ron Gould said.

New polling conducted by Rasmussen Reports found that even a majority of Democrat voters in Arizona agree that the state’s election was grossly mismanaged to the disadvantage of the opposing political party.

Rasmussen’s Mark Mitchell during an appearance on Real America’s Voice stated “We have 69% of Democrats, 35% strongly agreeing with @KariLake that voters in Arizona were denied their sacred right to vote.”

Lake has vowed to challenge the results of the election after they are officially certified, as the law in Arizona does not allow for candidates to contest election results prior to certification.

As it stands right now, despite numerous reports of election problems, Hobbs will go on to become the next governor of Arizona should Lake’s legal efforts come up short.

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