LAWSUIT: ‘Hundreds Of Thousands’ Of Illegal Ballots Far Exceed Katie Hobbs’ Margin Of Victory – REPORT

Hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots were reportedly cast in the Arizona 2022 gubernatorial election, far exceeding Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ margin of victory in her race against Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, according to a 70-page lawsuit filed by Lake’s legal team.

Lake’s lawsuit comes after the results of the controversial and issue-plagued election were officially certified by Republican Governor Doug Ducey, Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich, and Hobbs herself despite widespread reports of election issues, malfunctioning printers, faulty tabulation machines, and state election officials’ glaring conflicts of interest.

“The number of illegal votes cast in Arizona’s general election on November 8, 2022, far exceeds the 17,117 vote margin between Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Secretary of State Katie Hobbs,” the summary of the lawsuit reads.

“Witnesses who were present at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (‘MCTEC’), Runbeck Election Services (‘Runbeck’), and a multitude of Maricopa County vote centers, as well as other facts meticulously gathered, shows hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots infected the election in Maricopa County.”

Based on the lawsuit, more than half of all voting centers across Arizona’s most densely populated county had experienced widespread failures on Election Day — to the tune of 59%.

The widespread issues which took place on Election Day were most likely intentional, according to testimony from a certified cyber expert with years of experience testing voting machines for the same voting system testing lab (VTSL) that certified Maricopa County’s machines ahead of the general election, among further evidence, the lawsuit adds.

“In addition, on Election Day, thousands of Republican voters were disenfranchised as a result of Maricopa County election officials’ misconduct in connection with the widespread tabulator or printer failures at 59% of the 223 vote centers in Maricopa County,” the lawsuit alleges.

With respect to extensive Republican voter disenfranchisement that took place as a result of failing printers and machines on Election Day, Lake’s lawsuit estimates that between 15,603 and 29,257 Republicans were unable to vote.

According to testimony from whistleblowers and witnesses with first hand knowledge of actions taken by Maricopa County election officials, more than 300 thousand ballots had no proper chain-of-custody, rendering it impossible to validate their legitimacy.

Star News Digital Media CEO Michael Patrick Leahey recently detailed Lake’s next election move during an interview on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast and hinted that the results 2022 election could be “annulled” by the state’s Supreme Court in response to legal action, Freedom Talk reported.

We’ll wait for Kari Lake to file an election contest in the Superior Court in Arizona, and that case will have 5 days for the judge to determine whether or not Kari’s case has merit or, and the election should be annulled, or whether he will throw that out,” Leahey explained.

This news and analysis by Andrew White originally appeared on Kelly Walker’s Freedom Talk.

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.

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