Sean Penn Bashes U.S. for Not Aiding Ukraine Faster: ‘We’re All F**ked’ if Russia Wins

Far-left activist and actor Sean Penn is trashing the United States for not sending arms and money to Ukraine fast enough. He declared that the country needs to accept “a level of shame” for not aiding more in the fight against Russia.

Are the billions of dollars and a plethora of military equipment sent over not enough?

Penn gave his tongue lashing after a screening of his documentary Superpower on Saturday, which is about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and attack on its president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

“If you imagine what it is if Russia wins, we are all fucked. Just dead fucked,” Penn declared, as reported by the Guardian. “We are already as Americans, I can say, we are having to take on board a level of shame for not having scaled up sooner with the weapons.”

“I think that it’s very clear that, whatever it is going to take to keep U.S. troops out of there [Ukraine], ultimately we will do. And so why not now?” he continued.

He argued that the West needs to rise up and “save” Ukraine from “creepy bully” Vladimir Putin, leader of Russia.

“I don’t like a creepy little bully threatening him [Zelensky] and his country,” Penn said. “I do like that there’s no threat that scares Zelensky or the Ukrainians.”

The filmmaker even admitted that his documentary is biased and filled with propaganda.

“This is not an unbiased film because this is not an unambiguous war,” he claimed. “The word ‘propaganda’ can be used as a disparagement. As part of showing the truth of Ukraine’s absolute unity in pursuing all those things without which life is not worth living, then I’m very happy to be considered a propagandist. We made an unapologetically biased film, because that was the true story we found.”

Documentary co-director Aaron Kaufman agreed with Penn.

“The movie was never meant to be the definitive history of Ukraine,” he said. “It was never going to be the definitive movie about war or Russia. It was our experience, having not been well-educated about Ukraine – we had a very shallow, US-focused view of the region. What the movie became was our journey to find those truths,” Kaufman said.

Penn even compared Zelenskyy to Winston Churchill. Big oof.

This all coming from the same man who thinks people not vaccinated for covid should be forced to stay home and not work or participate in society. Give me a break.

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