Tucker Eviscerates ‘Weak,’ ‘Broken’ Biden Regime Men ‘Filled With Envy And Bitterness’

On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the current socio-economic crisis. In an emotionally charged monologue, he advised that it is not “evil men” who are most dangerous but rather “weak men” with no principles, “filled with envy and bitterness.”

He pointed to several prominent Democrats, as well as leading members of the Biden administration—Eric Swalwell, Adam Kinzinger, and Merrick Garland—as examples of individuals who have failed to live up to the public’s expectations.

Carlson observed that “Merrick Garland was crying for himself because he is a self-pitying careerist with no perspective on his own life, whose job is everything to him.”

“The weakest are the most destructive,” Carlson said. “How much of his childhood do you think Adam Kinzinger spent hanging from the wedgie nail? How many swirlies did Eric Swalwell endure in high school? How old was Adam Schiff before a girl other than his sister kissed him voluntarily?”

“It makes you shudder to think about it,” he added. “These are sad, insecure, broken men filled with envy and bitterness from their lonely childhoods. They hate you because they hate themselves. It’s not their masculinity that’s toxic, it’s their lack of it.”

Carlson continued, “That’s really the story of the Biden administration. The weakest president in history joined forces with the weakest attorney general in history to create a police state. Shocking? Well, once you understand the principle, it shouldn’t really surprise you.”

The Fox News host went on to criticize the Biden administration for implementing a police state system, citing Garland’s weak nature as evidence that this was inevitable. He concluded by arguing that “it shouldn’t really surprise you” to see such individuals in power, and cautioned citizens of the nation to be aware of their weaknesses and fragility.

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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