VIDEO: Andrew Tate Challenges ‘Not Even Black’ Meghan Markle To ‘Cook Me Chicken,’ Prove She’s Not White

Controversial internet commentator Andrew Tate has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Netflix series, challenging Markle to “cook me a chicken dinner” to prove she’s not a “light-skinned white woman.”

“Why is nobody pointing out the obvious?” Tate said in a video posted to Twitter. “As usual, Andrew Tate, the man who has to get canceled for saying water is wet, I’m just gonna f**king say it. Why is nobody else saying that Meghan Markle isn’t black? She’s whiter than me!”

Tate added, “And not only is she whiter than me, she’s whiter than the current prime minister of the UK, she’s whiter than the mayor of London, she’s not even black.”

“The fact that she’s pulling the race card is absolutely and utterly insulting to every dark-skinned person that has ever genuinely suffered from racism ever,” Tate continued. “If you’re sitting there and you’re dark-skinned and you’ve ever suffered from racism, why are you allowing this light-skinned white white woman to come long and use racism as defense for the fact that she’s just not a likable person.”

“And no one likes seeing the Prince of England cuck, because that’s all that’s happened,” Tate said. “No one wants to see the Prince of England be a bitch. And we know it’s her fault, it’s nothing to do with skin color., we just don’t f**king like you.”

“I officially invite Meghan Markle to cook me chicken,” Tate said, adding “Because if she’s back, it’s gonna taste good. I know,I’ve been ’round the block, I’m brown enough to tell.”

Tate concluded, “When Meghan Markle cooks me a chicken dinner – I know she doesn’t cook s**t for Harry – I will then confirm if she is black or not, ’cause I have a strong suspicion she’s full of s**t.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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