VIDEO: Biden Gets Lost On Stage, Begs Little Girl To Tell Him ‘Which Way Do We Go?’

President Joe Biden lost his sense of direction while exiting a stage on Monday, and had to ask a very young child for directions in order to successfully navigate his way off the podium.

Biden, 80, touched the little girl’s arm, and started leaving the stage before seemingly losing his sense of direction and asking, “Which way do we go?”

The child then pointed off the stage in the correct direction, and the commander-in-chief of the United States was finally able to successfully leave the platform.

Biden committed another trademark gaffe while delivering remarks in Arizona this week, bungling a phrase about “nanochips.”

“It will construct a second fab [sic] in Phoenix to build chips, three nanochips, three nanochip, chips that are three nano,” Biden stuttered. “Any – you know what I’m saying. Nano-nono, I don’t know.”

The 80-year-old President’s gaffe did not receive any attention from the corporate media, was widely noticed on social media.

In a joint address with French president Emmanuel Macron, Biden mangled the name of the Marquis de Lafayette, a French military officer  and pivotal figure during the American Revolution in the 1770s.

“From the spirit of Marcus duh L-Lafayette who helped secure the success of our revolution,” Biden mumbled.

“Marquis” is a title, not the French equivalent of the first name “Marcus.”

An official White House transcript of Biden’s remarks had “Marcus” crossed out with a line through it, and “Marquis” written in brackets next to it.

In a later address, Biden went on to call France “Frank,” eliciting a confused expression from Macron.

“France was our first ally, first country to fly the American flag after our revolution,” Biden said. “And Frank hosted the first diplomatic post before – more than anything else –  France has been our first friend.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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