VIDEO: Republican New Hampshire Governor Wants All Talk, No Action on CRT

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu argued that the government should not get involved in combatting woke culture, and only talk about it.

Speaking to Margaret Brennan on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Sununu previewed a potential 2024 presidential bid, listing his priorities as cutting taxes, balancing the budget, and limiting the purview of the federal government.

“There’s a lot of opportunity to change things,” he said. “I think New Hampshire has this awesome model of live free or die. Limited government, local control, individual responsibility, really putting the voters first… Little decentralising out of Washington and maybe a little better attitude would be a good thing for America.”

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The New Hampshire Governor launched his attack on Republicans such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who were using the power of government to hit back against the entrenched “woke” ideology that is embedded in public and private institutions.

Last month, DeSantis banned an AP African American studies course for lacking “educational value and historical accuracy,” and went toe-to-toe with Disney, signing a law last year abolishing the Reedy Creek Improvement District for their constant campaigning against conservative values.

Sununu instead argued that the “free market” should be what determines the cultural values of America, and that if Republicans try “to beat the Democrats at being big government authoritarians… eventually, they’ll have power in a state or in a position and then they’ll start penalizing conservative businesses and conservative nonprofits and conservative ideas.”

Despite claiming he hated “this woke cancel culture,” and that their should be “leadership” on the issue, he argued that the government can never “solve a cultural problem.”

“We can lead on it but we never solve it,” Sununu continued, suggesting that the government should be all talk, and no action in tackling the left.

“I don’t think governors should be trying to pass laws to subvert the will of the voters that know better than us,” he concluded. “The voters on that school board know, the voters in those towns know a lot more. That’s the free market of politics. If they don’t like the school board, they go to a town meeting, they fire them.”

David Carney, a New Hampshire-based political consultant for Republicans, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, told Fox News that “the government has no business supporting crazy woke ideologies but it’s not the government’s role to tell people in their private business what they can and cannot do,” and that this is the “New Hampshire conservative point of view.”

He attacked DeSantis and others for allegedly not following the Constitution, arguing that nowhere in the document “does it give the government the power to regulate what a business wants to do or think.”

Carney claimed that Sununu was being “consistent” with his “philosophy” that he’s presenting. “Whether or not it sells in the broader Republican primary marketplace, no one knows. But he’s very consistent.”

This news and commentary by Jack Hadfield originally appeared on Valiant News.

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