VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Savages Outgoing Rep. Adam Kinzinger In Scathing Gloves-Off Monologue

Tucker Carlson lampooned outgoing Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) in a scathing Friday night monologue last week.

“We’d like to take a moment to say goodbye to one of our all-time favorite members of Congress, Mr. Adam Kinzinger of Kankakee, Illinois, ladies and gentlemen,’ Carlson said.

“Kinzinger was first elected to the House 12 years ago, and for the bulk of his time in office, he served utterly without distinction, in virtual anonymity,” Carlson noted. “A few of his constituents had heard of him, but none expressed interest in learning more.”

Carlson continued, “Then in 2018 came the transformation. That was the year that Adam Kinzinger turned 40 and things began to change inside of him.”

“The first signs were subtle but unmistakable: choking up at a car insurance commercial, opening an Instagram account and posting pictures of himself, wearing spandex bike shorts to Starbucks without shame and sometimes, with a fanny pack,” Carlson jibed. “By 2021, Kinzinger had a full-blown case of male menopause with all the familiar, painful symptoms: mood swings, hot flashes, food cravings, uncontrollable weeping.”

“A lesser man would have retreated from public life, chosen new pronouns and transitioned in private, but Adam Kinzinger chose another path,” Carlson said. “He chose to be a role model.”

“He wanted other middle-aged men to know there is life after hormonal imbalance, and so on July 27, 2021, Adam Kinzinger bravely came out of the closet as a weepy man. You may remember the moment.”

Carlson then played the famous footage of Kinzinger sobbing in front of Congress.

“Speaking of how it will all end, how’s it going to end for Adam Kinzinger? Well, we suspect it will end like it began, in anonymity,” Carlson said. “In just weeks, Adam Kinzinger will be another CNN contributor. No one will ever see him again, but we will never forget him.”

Carlson concluded, “Adam Kinzinger will live forever in our hearts as an example of what a man can be when he stops trying to be a man and unleashes the emotionally fragile, divorced, single mom within. ‘Have another glass of chardonnay. Listen to me cry.’ Yes, Ms. Kinzinger, we will.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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