‘We Went To Sleep’: Biden Screams About ‘Recession’ Getting ‘So Bad Two Years Ago’

President Joe Biden began yelling during prepared remarks in Kentucky on Wednesday, blaming the “recession” which “got so bad 2 years ago” on going “to sleep.”

“Think about why the recession got so bad 2 years ago,” Biden began in a calm tone. “Cars got so expensive, we didn’t have semiconductors, scores of them are in the engines of every automobile.”

Then, the president abruptly shouted, “We invented them!”

“And then we went to sleep!” Biden screamed. “We exported jobs, and now we’re exporting product, and creating jobs.”

Biden praised Mitch McConnell and other prominent Republicans during the event.

“I wanted to start off the new year at this historic project here in Ohio and Kentucky with a bipartisan group of officials because I believe it sends an important message, an important message to the entire country,” Biden said. “We can work together. We can get things done. We can move the nation forward if we just drop a little bit of our egos and focus on what’s needed in the country.”

Biden also seemed to lose his train of thought while promising to “paraphrase” an old saying.

“I’ll paraphrase the phrase of my old neighborhood: The rest of the countries, the world is not a patch in our jeans, if we do what we wanna do, we need to do,” Biden, 80, said.

The president traveled to the Greater Cincinnati area to brag about his administration’s $1.6 billion federal investment to upgrade the Brent Spence Bridge connecting Ohio and Kentucky.

“After years of politics being so divisive, there are bright spots across the country,” Biden said. “The Brent Spence Bridge is one of them.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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