‘You F**king Tyrant’: Protesters Call Out Justin Trudeau To His Face

Video footage from Hamilton, Ontario shows Canadian protesters confronting left-wing prime minister Justin Trudeau, shouting “f**k you” and calling him a “f**king tyrant.”

Irate protesters voiced their displeasure with Trudeau outside the Bread Bar, as security shepherded him away from the crowd of irate citizens.

The intensity of anti-Trudeau sentiment has been increasing with each passing month as Canadians continue to grapple with government restrictions and other issues related to Trudeau’s agenda.

Some Canadians have even started a campaign to recall some members of parliament over what they view as unfair treatment and lack of respect for basic civil liberties.

It remains to be seen if Trudeau will revise his hardline political strategy going forward or continue along his current path despite mounting opposition from within Canada’s borders.

Mislav Kolakusic, a Member of European Parliament (MEP) from Croatia, castigated Trudeau last March for the latter’s controversial methods of suppressing civil rights protests in Canada.

“Dear colleagues and citizens, Prime Minister Trudeau. Freedom, the right to choose the right to life the right to health the right to work for many of us are fundamental human rights for which millions of citizens for which millions of European citizens and around the world have laid down their lives,” Kolakusic stated.

The MEP further noted that “Canada, once a symbol of the modern world, has become a symbol of civil rights violation under your quasi-liberal boot in recent months.”

“We watched how you trample women with horses, how you block the bank accounts of single parents so that they can’t even pay their children’s education and medicine, that they can’t pay utilities for mortgages and their homes,” Kolakusic  said.

“To you, these may be liberal methods, for many citizens of the world, it is a dictatorship of the worst kind,” Kolakusic concluded. “Rest assured that citizens of the world, united can stop any regime that wants to destroy the freedom of citizens, either by bombs or harmful pharmaceutical products.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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