Biden Begs Illegal Migrants For Advice: ‘If I Could Wave The Wand, What Should I Do?’

President Joe Biden visited a “migrant services center” in El Paso that provides transportation and gifts to migrants that cross the US-Mexico border illegally this week.

During the tour, Biden asked workers at the center, “If I could wave the wand, what should I do?”

The Hill reported Biden “spoke with workers in front of a Salvation Army sign that said “WELCOME” and was shown packages with socks, shoes, clothes, and other goods.”

The migrant center “greets people who have been released from border patrol and helps by providing transportation and care packages.”

“Biden asked the workers how many migrants have come through the center and was told there’s about 300 to 500 migrants per day on average but some days have peaks of about 1000 migrants a day,” the Hill noted.

Biden launched into a bizarre impression of how he believes “MAGA Republicans” speak about immigration on Thursday, raising eyebrows among his critics.

“And think about it, even back in days when, um … ” Biden said said, trailing off for several seconds.

“It’s so easy to demagogue this issue,” he continued. “It’s so easy to demagogue it. And you hear, you know uh, a number of our friends – the MAGA Republicans – talking about uh, you know uh, ‘They don’t even want me speaking English anymore, They want me speaking duh duh duh!”

“They’re gonna take over my community,’” Biden continued. “My neigh – they, they, whoever they are at the time.”

Biden began yelling during prepared remarks in Kentucky on Wednesday, blaming the “recession” which “got so bad 2 years ago” on going “to sleep.”

The president abruptly shouted, “We invented them!” while discussing semiconductors.

“And then we went to sleep!” Biden screamed. “We exported jobs, and now we’re exporting product, and creating jobs.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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