Gaetz Backs Rule Change for Reality-TV Style Cameras in Congress

Rep. Matt Gaetz, the Florida man who became the visible leader of the 20 holdouts during the battle for House Speaker, has introduced an amendment that would allow C-SPAN cameras to continue to run unabated as Americans saw during the 15-vote process that preceded Kevin McCarthy’s speakership.

Today it was revealed by Fox News that Gaetz introduced an amendment to the House rules that would allow C-SPAN to broadcast floor proceedings in the House without obstruction, which the network notes would mean everyday C-SPAN would be more akin to “the contentious House speaker vote” that saw another Republican lunge at Gaetz.

“I’ve received a lot of feedback from constituents about how interesting it was,” Gaetz told Fox News, “that you were able to see in real time how our government is functioning, what alliances are being created, what discussions are being had, what animated moments drive the action,” he said, which Fox News took as a reference to Rodgers lunging at him during the debate.


“And the pool view of the Congress is antiquated and a little boomer-fied,” Gaetz added.

On Twitter, Gaetz said the rules change would encourage “broader transparency,” which “is a net positive” for the American people.

In a separate, recent interview with Fox News, Gaetz suggested there should be no punishment for Rep. Mike Rogers’ congressional lunge.

“In a late night moment of high drama, people can have moments of frustration, but Mike Rogers and I have a six year productive, working relationship,” Gaetz said.

“We’re going to work together wonderfully going forward, and I don’t think there should be any punishment or reprisal, just because he had an animated moment.” Gaetz confirmed that Rogers has his “forgiveness.”

Watch Gaetz’s remarks on Spreely.video:

Pundits have noted that Gaetz likely increased his standing within the House of Representatives and the Republican Party by leading the 20 holdouts, even if he has become less popular with the established legislators of his own party and their allies simultaneously.

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.

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