Chinese Spy Rocket Disintegrates Over Texas

A piece of “space junk” apparently punched it’s way into the Texas sky today at a whopping 17,000 miles per hour.

So far, no debris has been located, but who knows how far that stuff could have landed, IF there was anything left to land. But, we do know who to thank for this aerial intrusion- China.

According to the US Naval Institute:

“U.S. Space Command can confirm the People’s Republic of China CZ-2D Rocket Body, SCC# 52910, reentered the Earth’s atmosphere over the southern region of North America at approximately 8:30 pm [Mountain Time] on March 7, 2023,” reads a statement from SPACECOM following an earlier version of this post.

“This was an uncontrolled reentry, meaning it was not steered but rather its orbit decayed and lowered naturally. This type of behavior reinforces the need for better international norms regarding high-risk uncontrolled reentries.”

Based on the NORAD tracking data, the stage belonged to a mission that delivered three military electronic signals surveillance satellites that were believed to be targeted over the South China Sea, astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics told USNI News Thursday.

Of course, China hasn’t, and likely won’t, acknowledged the incident. However, we do know the rocket can easily carry about 8,000 pounds of cargo into low earth orbit, which was launched on June 23rd in central China. The rocket successfully deployed spy satellites.

Once Biden learned the Chinese sent out these spy satellites, he took swift action and shot them all down. Oh, wait, that’s #FakeNews. Our president is a demented pansy that couldn’t take down a gingerbread man in Candy Land.

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As Kevin Jackson recently pointed out:

China has thousands of spies who have been allowed into America, mostly by Leftist policies. Next, we know that Chinese spies run rampant in academia. They are brazen enough to steal secrets, almost openly on behalf of China.

In other words, don’t expect Biden or his administration to make any move that would defend America against China.

According to NASA administrator Bill Nelson, China is known for being irresponsible with their space junk, and unwilling to share trajectory data that would prove helpful to other countries. But again, don’t expect our president to intervene. Which is quite ironic, considering the Democrats’ desperate need to save the planet.

I wonder how space junk fits in with AOC’s green new deal. She addressed cow farts, surely she addressed four-ton rockets floating around.

Twitter had a thoughts on the situation:


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