Elon Musk Rips Fauci: ‘He Lied to Congress’ and Funded Bat Research That ‘Killed Millions’

African-American billionaire Elon Musk used his influential Twitter account to accuse Anthony Fauci of lying to Congress about funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which Musk says “killed millions of people” through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Musk made the remarks after first joking that his pronouns are “prosecute/Fauci” on Twitter, which prompted Scott Kelly – a former astronaut and the twin brother of Arizona’s Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly – to criticize his decision to mock the world of pronouns.

“Elon, please don’t mock and promote hate,” wrote the space man, before claiming that Fauci is a “dedicated public servant whose sole motivation was saving lives.”

Musk wrote that he strongly disagrees on both fronts.  “Forcing your pronouns upon others,” wrote Musk, “is neither good nor kind to anyone.”

He then added, “As for Fauci, he lied to Congress and funded gain-of-function research that killed millions of people.”

Regarding the original meaning of his tweet, Musk agreed with YouTube legal commentator Viva Frei’s interpretation.

Frei surmised that Musk “wants to ‘criminalize’ Fauci because Fauci lied under oath, engaged in gain of function research in a Chinese lab, jeopardized the entire planet, and arguably contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.”

“Correct,” replied Musk.

Much of what the public knows about Fauci’s gain-of-function research stems from his heated interactions with Sen. Rand Paul, who has allegedly trapped Fauci in lies on the subject of gain-of-function research.

Some say that Fauci’s funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology – and a subsequent leak from that lab – sparked the outbreak that eventually became the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paul recently summarized that Fauci’s funding allowed scientists “to create super viruses, that in all likelihood leaked into the public and caused seven million people to die.”

Fauci intends to retire this month, something he announced as it became clear that House Republicans were planning investigations into the origin of COVID-19 and would seek his testimony.

Around the time he announced his retirement, Fauci claimed he would testify only if the proceedings were “dignified” and said he would only accept “oversight” if it were not confrontational in nature.

In his “final message” from the Biden White House, the 81-year-old government employee once again urged Americans to receive an “updated” COVID-19 jab, and suggested Americans should test their family members for COVID-19 before holiday gatherings.

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.

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