MSNBC Legal Analyst Predicts Trump Now ‘More Likely’ to Face Criminal Charges

On Thursday, MSNBC legal analyst Barbara McQuade appeared on “Chris Jansing Reports” and predicted that former President Donald Trump is now “more likely” to face criminal charges since former U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland Robert Hur was appointed special counsel to oversee the investigation into President Joe Biden and his mishandling of classified material.

She explained, “They both begin with the idea that classified information is supposed to be handled in appropriate ways. There are rules about those things, and failure to do so can violate a number of different statutes. So I imagine in those ways, they are very similar. There will be examination as to whether any of those laws were violated.”

McQuade continued, “Additional crimes might be presented in the case of Donald Trump just because of the search warrant that we saw before that had additional probable cause for obstruction of justice. That makes it a more complicated crime and a more serious crime potentially. The obstruction of justice allegation was based on the failure of Trump and his team to turn over documents when they received the grand jury subpoena, forcing the government to get a search warrant to go retrieve what turned out to be more than 20 boxes remaining after they had already assured the government that all of the documents had been turned over. So it is a very different scenario from what we have in this case.”

She predicted, “I see Robert Hur’s review as potentially small unless it is involved in something else, whereas I see Jack Smith’s investigation as something larger. I would also say this, Chris. I think that the appointment of Robert Hur suggests to me that Jack Smith is serious.”

McQuade concluded, “I think you need to appoint Robert Hur to show that you are treating these two men equally. It makes me feel that it is more likely charges are going to come against Donald Trump than if no special counsel had been appointed here.”

What a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Democrats have tried and tried and tried to take down Trump but they have never had a leg to stand on. Their accusations are nothing more than a house of lies, built on a foundation of lies.

Here’s the thing McQuade seems to ignore: the most significant difference between the raid on Mar-a-Lago and Biden’s mishandling of classified material is that Biden, as Vice President, was not unauthorized to keep ANY documents. Therefore, not only were they kept in different unsecured locations, but they were also stolen. Trump was president, and therefore had every right to keep presidential records and determine their classification.

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