Republicans Force Vote On ‘Parental Bill Of Rights’ After Biden DOJ Called Parents Terrorists

House Republicans have responded to the letter released by Attorney General Merrick Garland two years ago suggesting that parents who speak up during school board meetings may be considered domestic terrorists, by setting up a vote on the Parents Bill of Rights Act next week.

The bill is designed to give parents greater knowledge and accountability when it comes to their children’s education. It will require school districts to provide parents with a more thorough understanding of what their children are being taught in schools, allowing them to better communicate with educators about any issues relating to educational standards and curriculum.

Moreover, the Parents Bill of Rights Act will ensure that parents have a voice in school board meetings and can share their concerns without fear of being labeled as terrorists. It also seeks to provide greater transparency from educators in terms of how they manage student curriculums and respond to parental feedback.

“For too long, parents were kept in the dark about what was happening in the classroom,” House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) stated last week after her committee approved the bill.

“When kitchen tables became classrooms and parents spoke out about what was actually being taught, they were silenced or ignored by teachers unions and education bureaucrats; the Secretary of Education even solicited a letter to brand these parents as domestic terrorists,” added.

“That kind of insanity ends with this bill,” Foxx said. “Parents will finally be empowered to examine classroom curricula and protect the safety and privacy of their children without fear of being targeted by the federal government.”

Regarding the “Parental Bill of Rights,” Rep. Steve Scalise wrote last year that, “As millions of children struggled with remote and distanced learning, the Biden administration coordinated with teachers union bosses – instead of parents – and re-wrote critical portions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s school reopening guidance. This came after the union bosses complained that the guidance was too favorable towards opening schools.”

Thus, “By passing a Parents’ Bill of Rights, parents will have a stronger voice, and it will be easier for them to get involved with their kids’ education.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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