Someone Pooped Next To Hillary Clinton During Broadway Show

A deposit of fecal matter was spotted near the seats of Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, as the Democratic darlings took in a Broadway show in New York’s historic Shubert Theatre.

The Clinton duo became victim to what the New York Post’s Page Six describes as a “serial pooper” while attending a production of “Some Like It Hot.” Apparently, the newspaper reports, two logs of fecal matter were spotted near Hillary and Chelsea.

“Last week when Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were in the audience,” a source told the newspaper, “the lights came up for intermission and there were two human turds in the aisle near the famous political duo.”

The source told the Post that the theater’s “crew dealt with it” expeditiously, and both “Hillary and Chelsea remained in the theater” for the remainder of the production.

Bill Clinton stands as Chelsea Clinton embraces Hillary Clinton on a stage in 2015
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It’s not clear from current reporting whether the Clinton political dynasty was aware of the presence of human feces at any time, and the Post reports that neither Hillary nor Chelsea responded to a request for comment.

Though multiple productions have allegedly suffered from serial pooping attacks, another source told the paper the culprit “was an elderly person” and described the situation as “rather sad.” However, an eyewitness reportedly told the theater’s staff “that it was actually the fourth time it has happened.”

While the situation appears to have been resolved without tempting fate by upsetting the Clinton political machine, this is not the first time odorous objects and Clinton have shared a headline.

In 2016, radio and TV host Alex Jones famously claimed sources informed him that both Clinton and President Barack Obama “smell like sulfur.”

The moment sparked a litany of aggressive headlines from the left, dismissing the claims of Democratic stench, as well as memorable meme videos commemorating the incident.

One such line appears in the viral video, “Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song,” when Jones declares, “I’m told her and Obama just stink, Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur.”

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