VIDEO: Karine Jean-Pierre Calls Kamala ‘The President,’ Refuses To Correct Herself

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “the president” during a press conference on Thursday.

“The president will speak about the fight to secure women’s fundamental right to reproductive healthcare in the face of these attacks,” Jean-Pierre stated without correcting herself.

“She will talk about what’s at stake for millions of women across the country, and most importantly, the need for Congress to codify the protections of Roe into law,” Jean-Pierre continued, again without addressing her obvious mistake.

As reported earlier this week, Jean-Pierre refused to answer questions about the former vice president improperly storing documents in his garage next to his Corvette.

Last week, Jean-Pierre had claimed that all of the documents had been recovered and that the public could assume that the searches were complete.

However, over the weekend it was revealed that five additional classified documents had been found.

When asked if all of the documents had been recovered and whether there were more searches underway,” Jean-Pierre would only say that there was an ongoing review and legal process taking place and she would not comment further.

“You guys can ask me this 100 times, 200 times if you wish, I’m going to keep saying the same thing,” the press secretary insisted.

Jean-Pierre further claimed that the American public should not be outraged about the improperly stored classified materials because Biden “said that he didn’t know,” and “said that he was “surprised” by the news.

This incident could, however, potentially come as a blow to Biden’s already damaged reputation. The former Vice President has been found to have improperly stored classified documents in his garage next to his Corvette, putting national security at risk.

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

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